In 1955, South Holland was rapidly changing from a country town to a Chicagoland suburb as people from the city moved in and built homes there.  The resulting growth in South Holland’s Christian Reformed Churches led 31 families to petition one of those churches (Bethany Christian Reformed Church) to sponsor a new church.  That church would become Cottage Grove Christian Reformed Church.


The nucleus of that future church held its first worship service on Sunday, April 08, in the auditorium of Roosevelt School.  Bethany Christian Reformed Church, the ‘mother church,’ purchased Cottage Grove’s current location on the corner of Cottage Grove Avenue and 166th Street and gave it to the daughter congregation as a gift.


Finally, on September 07, 1956, Cottage Grove Christian Reformed Church officially began with its new name and with 42 families.  On Thanksgiving Day, 1958, the congregation broke ground for its new building – the building we worship in today.  The building was dedicated on December 06, 1959.


Since that time the church has seen a period of numerical growth followed by a period of numerical decline, in large part connected with the migration of her membership first into South Holland, then out of South Holland again.  Thankfully, a core group remains that, with its leadership, is committed to remaining in South Holland as a faithful gospel witness in its community.


We don’t how what God still has in mind for the unfinished story of Cottage Grove Christian Reformed Church in South Holland.  However, we trust that, if we prayerfully seek His direction and press on to be faithful where He has planted us, He will guide and direct us into a future of fruitful worship and service.