Global Missions


Our church supports a number of missionaries and mission organizations through our “Faith Promise” fund. Every year, the council, in consultation with the Mission Advocate(s), proposes a “Faith Promise” budget to the congregation, which includes a list of missionaries and organizations recommended for support as well as target amounts for the upcoming fiscal year (July-June). Currently, our missionaries, supported through our Faith Promise budget and occasional offerings, are:

Rick Anderson – CHAIM:

Rick is a missionary to Jewish people in the New Jersey-New York City area.

David Khobal – Biblical Reformed Seminary

David is the president of the “Biblical Reformed Seminary” in Yangon, Myanmar – a work overseen by a board in Myanmar and supported by a committee closely aligned with our church: the “Christ for Myanmar Committee.”

Dan Swets – Chicagoland Prison Outreach
Dan Swets and the organization he founded, Chicagoland Prison Outreach, are based here in South Holland. They minister to inmates mostly in the Cook County Jail divisions and Boot Camp. They also offer re-entry Bible Studies and training programs for ex-offenders and programs for families of inmates.

Harold & Elsbeth Kallemeyn – Timothy Leadership Institute

Harold Kalleymeyn, with his wife Elsbeth, recently moved to Quebec, Canada where Harold continues to produce leadership training materials for church and community leaders in French-language countries around the world.

Kevin & Kaori Laverman – World Venture

Kevin and Kaori, with their son Justen, are a missionary family in Kawasaki, Japan. Kevin is a pastor and church planter. Kevin is currently focusing on planting a new church.

Michael & Oetje Madany – World Concern

Michael and Oetje live and minister near Seattle Renton, Washington. Oetje has worked among the Somali immigrant population. Michael oversees the Somali-language “New Life” website that reaches Somali people around the world for Christ.

Eric & Penny Schering – Pacific Island Ministries

Eric and Penny live and serve in Papua New Guinea where they focus on training teachers to provide Christian education in a variety of villages.

Joel Nederhood – Eastern Ukrainian Theological Seminary

Joel Nederhood, a former pastor and current member of our church, is an influential leader, teacher, and advisor for a seminary in Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine. He leads a conference there every year.

Ashish Center

Ashish was founded by Geeta Mondal, initially for people with autism. The school thrives in a culture has not cared well for people with disabilities.

Our Mission Advocate facilitates our connection with our missionaries by coordinating their visits to us, regularly updated prayer bookmarks with prayer requests provided by our missionaries, and opportunities, beyond financial support, to get involved.

In addition to these missionaries and their causes, our congregation supports many other ministries and organizations through Sunday offerings and other initiatives.