Other Connections


Wednesday Fellowship Dinners

Dinners are provided by a group of volunteers every second Wednesday night from 5:30-6:30pm, before the GEMS, Cadets and Youth meet.  Donations are accepted.


Journey of Joy

Journey of Joy is an eight scene walk through re-enactment of the Christmas story with live animals. A tour guide will take you through various rooms where a cast is dressed as in Bible times depicting the person and place that was visited in Bethlehem on that night so long ago.  This event takes place on the second Saturday in December.


The Profile

The Profile is our church’s newspaper, produced every two months by an editorial staff that solicits articles of interests from ministries and individuals in the congregation.



The Cottage Grove library contains books and other materials for people of any age with various interests. What kinds of books are in the library? Picture books for the very young, Bible stories, fiction and non-fiction for young people and adults, and Bible study resources such as dictionaries, concordances, atlases and commentaries.

For those who prefer to “read” by listening, audio books can be borrowed. Videos (DVDs) are popular with both children and adults. Also available in DVD format are small group study materials.

The library is open after each worship service. Videos may be checked out for one week, books for two weeks. If you need study materials for a longer period of time, that can be arranged. We’re here to serve!