Personal & Family Worship


In addition to communal worship, we encourage the vital, life-giving practice of personal and family worship.


First, we encourage a pattern of Bible Reading and Prayer for individuals and families.  This will not be the same for every person or family.  The challenge is to find a regular time (either daily or multiple times weekly) that works best for spending time in God’s Word and in prayer, either alone or together as a family.  For some, that is first thing in the morning, for others, before they go to sleep at night.  For some families, regular mealtimes or bedtime are the best times for family worship.  Each individual and family must work this out for themselves.  Many wonderful resources are available to help individuals and families develop a plan to follow that works for them.  You can check out internet options, such as   You can also use Cottage Grove Church’s Discipleship Challenge as a guide.


Second, you and/or your family may wish to think and talk about giving and serving as part of your ‘worship’ to God.  Some ideas – serving at a local food bank or some other charitable organization, helping a neighbor with yard clean-up and expecting nothing in return, or raising money throughout the year to give a special gift to an organization doing vital work either locally or globally.


None of this is ‘rocket science’.  The biggest challenge is to find a simple, workable plan and resolve to stick with it. If you drift away from it, pick up where you left off and press on.
Here are a few resources you can use with your personal and family worship: